Solar Panel Cleaning Bath

Solar Panel Cleansing Bath

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We utilize a Soft Triple Angle Brush and Pure Water to clean Solar Cell or Photovoltaic Cell Panels gently. No requirement for tap water or abrasive chemicals and detergents that can leave a sticky film.

Rather than just making solar panels appear aesthetically unpleasant to the eye dust can cause issues with them

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Solar Panel Cleaning Somerset

Benefits of Photovoltaic Solar Panel Cleaning

The interest over renewable sources of energy has been increasing due to the concerns
surrounding costs, political and environmental impacts of increased use of fossil fuels. These renewable resources are less harmful and often have a carbon offset built in.
However, solar panels and other technologies based on renewable energy means they are one of the most critical, for those who want to enhance their usage. Even those problems, which seem relatively simple such as dirty solar panels, can be tricky. Knowing how to clean solar panels and why it becomes essential, is the important aspect of maintaining efficiency and their longevity.

Solar Panels & Cleanliness

Rather than just a cosmetic issue, you should keep your solar panels clean. The desert is one of those places on earth which attains the highest amount of sunlight. Hence, desert areas are the most ideal location to install solar panels. However, the desert is also known to be earth’s dustiest place. Receiving also, huge concentrations of strong geo thermal winds combined with dust, can coat solar installations with debris, in places like the Middle East and Arizona. If you have solar panels on your roof, you should frequently clean the solar panel and remove dust build up, algae, bird droppings and other residue, to maintain optimum output and efficiency.

Cons of Dirty Solar Panels

Rather than just making solar panels appear aesthetically unpleasant to the eye, dust can cause issues with them. A 4 gram layer of dust per square meter can reduce the conversion of solar power by an impressive 40 percent, according to researchers at Boston University. Every month, Arizona receives dust at 17 grams per sq meter. In sandy and sunny areas like Arizona and the Middle East, distribution of sand is a lot higher.

Methods for Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning solar panels, the method which is most efficient somehow depends upon the size of solar panel installation being cleaned. Water sprays can clean a lot of solar panels. But if you are living in areas where dust causes great issues, water may be scarce and use of water is thoroughly regulated.
Electrical ‘Shockwave’ may be the solution for cleaning solar panels and scientists are keen with its possibility. With this method, the concentration of sand buildup can be detected by electrical sensors on the solar panel. When the amount of sand accrues to a detrimental level, an electrical pulse is emitted which makes sand particles slip along to the other part of solar panel where performance of solar panel cannot be affected.

You may think that utilizing the old fashioned method of soapy water, applicator and squeegee to clean solar panels is the best method.
However the utilization of pressure jets of pure water, combined with a soft brush system is much more appropriate.

The reason for this phenomena, is that when using soapy detergent, the soapy detergent (washing up liquid) will always leave a translucent sticky film. This film will allow the build-up, much more quickly, of dust, grime etc.
Therefore, in using pure water, this film is eliminated and the pure water dries clear on the solar panel surface.

Preventive Measures In the future, we are going to see dust-proof photovoltaic panels which might come with electrodes designed on their glass surfaces. The solar panels would power up the electrodes and make them an efficient cleaning solution. However, cleaning methods cannot be added majorly on the maintenance related to solar panel cleaning as a certain output is expected by the investors from installations of solar panels, especially large-scale installs, which have cleaning costs and significant maintenance. When it comes to cleaning solar panels, it is recommended to hire a professional who has all the cleaning products, tools and know how.

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